New Features

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

CRM is a tool that helps businesses to improve their relationship with existing customers and also help them in getting new customers. CRM is a system that records and store customers’ personal information, business done & interaction held with them, their feedback and so on …. that enables businesses to understand customers better and to reach them out on time, to inform them about products of their liking and also to resolve/act on their concerns and feedback.

In today’s world, it is hard to keep track of large number of customers in respect of their likings, complaints, feedback, interaction history, appointments etc, CRM tools help to manage sales, marketing and customer interaction activities on same platform to improve the business efficiency and optimise operational strategy.

  • CRM helps to built up a personal touch with customers by timely wishing them on important dates and calling them periodically for their feed backs.
  • CRM further help to keep the complete the data of business done with a particular customer so to analyse their likings, consumption pattern etc.
  • CRM keeps track of appointments and customer orders to serve them on time and in effective manner.
  • CRM contains the complete interaction history of customers to address their concern.
  • CRM helps in management of complaints by keeping the track of complaint tickets raised

ScaleUp Soft has introduced a new module of CRM that will cater the needs its User by facilitating the above stated services. Moreover, the module would be integrated with other module hence it will help to reduce the data redundancy e.g. a customer master created at the time of CRM could be used in sales module.
Service Job Card

Various industry under service sector take Items/Goods (e.g. Fridge, Washing Machine etc) for repair and to deliver back that repaired item/Goods to customer on repair after some time. To handle this process of repair the service industry needs to create a document (Service Job Card) that should facilitate the following:

  • Work as acknowledgment of items/goods on receipt of the same from customer(s).
  • Contain the description of job work(s) that need to perform on such item/goods that has been submitted by customer(s) for repair
  • Estimated price of job work to be done based on standard pricing of job work operations.
  • To help to create final invoicing for repair of item/goods.
  • To handle the inventory of items taken for job work and pending for delivery.
  • To create dispatch slip as acknowledgement of repaired item/goods returned back to customer(s)

Now through ScaleUp Soft the user can create the Service job card that would help the user to take the advantage of above listed benefits, and smoothen the repair process.
Investment Detail

Now with the help of ScaleUp Soft the user can maintain investment details with quantity in the books of accounts. Normally the accounting software(s) provide the quotative details in respect of the item that has been held as inventory. But most of the companies who are not investment companies held the various securities like share/debenture/mutual fund etc as an investment. Most of the accounting software only provide to open a ledger in respect of these shares/securities where you can maintain the quantity only in narration. In the absence of quantity field, one cannot get the report in respect of quantitative holding of investments.

ScaleUp Soft provide to create the investment ledger/master along with financial values one can record the quantities in separate filed and based on that one can generate the reports in respect of investments in quantitative terms as well just like the one maintains the records in respect of inventory. This facility will help user to keep records in respect of investment along with quantity with in the account’s books, hence the user needs not to keep such record in separate excel sheet.
Purchase Requisition

Purchase requisition form is introduced in ScaleUp Soft under the Purchase module that will enable the user to raise request for items to be purchased whenever the inventory is touching the reorder level or going down the prescribed limits. On basis of such Purchase Requisition, the purchase department/User can raise Purchase Order to procure the material (Since both the forms are inter connected and capable to fetch details on parent-child relationship model).
Expense Budget Control

ScaleUp Soft, figures under Finance module, has introduced the facility to record Budgeted and Forecast, where the user can feed the budgeted figure in respect of various expenses and keep track of the actual expenses incurred against such budgeted amount; the variance report generated by software based on that inputs (budget vs actual) help the users to analyse the performance and to take corrective actions.

Based on the configuration user can be restricted to further spend or alerted while making transactions in excess of budgeted amount in respect of any particular expense head. ScaleUp Soft will also provide the comprehensive variance report for each expense head comparing budget allocated vs actual expenses.
User Menu Level Rights

ScaleUp Soft has now enhanced the functionality of User Management system as User Roles and Permission could be managed at Menu level with in the Module. For example, previously in sales module the user would be allowed or denied rights of Edit/New/Delete/Print/Export for complete activities of sales module i.e. Estimate/Order/Invoice/Payment/Dispatch etc. However, with this enhancement in functionality the access rights in terms of Edit/New/Delete/Print/Export could be assigned to User on transactions level (Estimate/Order/Invoice/Payment/Dispatch etc) with in the Module.
Multiple MRP Selection

It is quite common for any Business enterprise to have inventory of the same Barcode Item/Item on multiple MRP at any given point of time. Hence, it become essential at the time of billing/invoice to ascertain which MRP item is being sold. ScaleUp Soft is now provide in dropdown window the separate quantities of each MRP for the same Barcode Item/Item wherever on billing/invoicing any such item is being selected.

To enable this functionality user can configure the Sales Setup. This feature will be of great help for various business sectors like grocery stores etc where MRP of items changes quite frequently.
Get “Bird’s Eye View” of GST through Dashboard

GST Dashboard provides complete overview of GST related information for the financial year for a particular GST number.

Through GST Dashboard one can glance through the month wise filing status of GSTR1 and GSTR3B (automatically picked up by ScaleUp Soft from GSTN server) along with date of filing for the complete Financial Year.

This Dashboard give the month-wise data of Outward Supplies/Outward GST liability, Inward supplies/Input GST credit and GST deposit in cash in “Birds Eye View” as reflected in the books of accounts.

Within this dashboard right below every data table, another blank table has been given where one can fill up the corresponding month-wise data as submitted in the form GSTR 3B. For filling this data one can tab on the month or click the icon “update filed figures” and a relevant form will pop up asking for requisite data. On save of this pop-up form after duly filling the requisite data, the data would start reflecting in blank tables (the data filed as per form GSTR 3B).

With these tables one can easily compare whether the data as per books (table reflecting the data as per books fetched by software) and data as filed with GSTN (data as manually filled by the user as per form GSTR 3B) is matching or not. One can easily observe from here itself the month-wise difference (if any) for each of the component.

Hence one simple glance on this Birds Eye View” report of GST Dashboard one can either proactively proceed for reconciliation for differences Or could stay relaxed and enjoy peace of mind wherein there is no mismatch.

Similarly, in another table of this very dashboard ScaleUp Soft shows the month-wise data of inward supplies and input credits (fetched from GSTN server as per GSTSR2A filed by the suppliers). The availability of such authentic data on fingertips would give the user ease of managing the task.
Update Logistics details in One Go post sales on various documents (Invoice/Dispatch/Inter Branch Issue forms etc)

It has remained the practice that many of the time some of the information been generated later in the day that needs to be incorporated on various forms generated through out the day. To facilitate such task a separate form has been provided from where the user can update the records without opening and updating each and every vouchers (Sales Invoice/Dispatch/Inter Branch Issue) in respect of various information such as Transporter receipt number, Vehicle number and data in applicable User Defined Fields, in bulk or in One Go.

Simply go on sale menu, choose “update logistics” from drop down menu and fill up the requisite information in the pop-up form.
Informative and Interactive Dashboard

Dashboard is the quick MIS platform where every stakeholder is looking for the most relevant information that would not help one to quick update but also help to take the immediate requisite action. In this light the ScaleUp Soft has created most informative and interactive dashboard that fulfils the twin objective of quick grasp of important figures and of providing most relevant information for swift corrective action. Dashboard showcase data in the following widgets:

Sales & Purchase Widget:
  • display sales/purchase figure for the period starting of FY- till current Date
  • Tip tool shows the sale/purchase of the day and current month
  • On click it shows the sales/purchase figures of last six months

Receivables & Payables Widget:
  • display outstanding of receivables/payables figure on current Date
  • Tip tool shows the collection/payments of the day and current month
  • On click it shows the ageing of outstanding of receivables/payables with tip tool showing the amount for each section

Cash & Bank Widget:
  • display balance of Cash & Bank as on date
  • On click it shows the balance in each ledger pertaining to cash/bank with tip tool showing the amount for each ledger balance

Other Widgets ->
Top Six Sales Items: display the figures of Top 6 Items sold with tip tool showing the name of item and amount thereof;

Month-wise Direct Cost: display the figure of direct cost incurred in past six months with tip tool showing the month with amount thereof.

Month-wise Operational (Indirect) Cost: display the figure of indirect cost incurred in past six months with tip tool showing the month with amount thereof.

Cash Inflow and Outflow Bar Chart: The Bar Chart of cash inflows vs cash outflows for past six months provide the quick grasp of cash positions to the management.

Outstanding: This quick menu on the front of dashboard on a click gives the list of age-wise outstanding receivables to quickly send reminders through mail/SMS from this menu itself.

Approvals: This quick many display the list of approval that are pending for one’s approval based on his approval rights.

Customer/Vendor Footprints: This quick menu on click shows the company customer and vendors on Indian map with a tip tool showing the name of customer/vendor with their respective sale/purchase figure. (for proper functioning of this tool it is suggested that in customer/vendor master the location column must be properly filled)
Multi Window (Tab) Environment

ScaleUp Soft has launched a new feature that facilitates the simultaneous working on multiple windows(tabs). Each window opens as new Tab and the user can swiftly switch over these windows to work more effectively and efficiently. The multiple window facility is quite uncommon in web/browser-based software, none of the popular web/browser-based software having this facility presently. With this facility one can create sales bill in one window while on other window he can create master, open trial balance, open ledger account and so on....

This gives the user flexibility to work over various tasks in parallel without taking of closing one window and then to open new window for performing new task.
Attribute Panel for Input

ScaleUp Soft provide the new Attribute panel in respect to Item Attributes, Print Description, Remarks and Item Custom Field for data inputs in the respective columns of these panels. The data entry through panel provide more ease, visibility and control to user while doing data entry in place of doing data entry in sequential Grid row.

This Panel pops up after item selection which facilitates the user to quickly input values of Product Attributes/User Defined fields (if applicable) / change Printing Description / Item Remarks without scrolling into grid and enter values in each column.
Business Vertical Based Auto Configuration

There are various features relevant to a particular vertical that one has to set up initially before starting working (eg pharma company needs to set up for batch inventory/expiry batch report etc, mobile vendors needs to configure for IME number in inventory set up and so on). Now, ScaleUp Soft auto configure such features in Sales setup, Purchase setup, Inventory setup and Default Print configurations based on the Business Vertical Type selected at the time of Registration or New Company Creation. This feature will enable user to start their working instantly without any hassle to setup the configurations.
Demonstration/Sample Company

ScaleUp Soft facilitates the User by demonstrating the company with sample data relevant to the Vertical of the user; that company under demonstration showcases the Sample Data and Configuration to the User for its Business Vertical that help User to get familiar with product features and Sample Transactions (like sale/purchase/bank/cash/journal). The relevant vertical data helps the User to relate with master creation, user defined fields, reports etc.

Demonstration Company will be displayed in the Company list user can switch the Company to check features/sample data of demonstrated Company.
Location wise and Month wise Display of MIS Reports with further Drill Down

MIS plays a crucial role in improving performance, productivity, and profitability of the organization, so is the display of relevant information. To improve the display and visibility of reports ScaleUp Soft is now providing option to display reports based on location (in case of multiple location) and with further display of data month-wise. Many users just want to see month-wise figure for various comparison and self-consumption. This location-wise/month-wise display of data will enable Management to analyse and grasp the data in much better way. The other user would also be benefited based on this display to quickly reach out to the desired transaction/voucher.
Flexibility to customize Terms & Conditions, Bank Details and Payment Links on each print/export documentt

Some new customised entry fields are introduced for Terms and Conditions, Payment Links (UPI) and Bank Details. These new fields will enable the User to customise and specify Terms and Conditions, Bank Details and Payment Links (UPI) for collection of payment through QR Code on sales invoice or any other document.
Payment Dunes

Now you do not have to generate payment voucher one by one, payment dune feature is provided by ScaleUp Soft where you just open this option and all vendor wise pending bills will appear, simply check the bill no you want to pay and system will automatically generate partywise separate payment voucher. If you have configured for online payment , you will also be prompted for payment process
ICICI Bank Integration

ScaleUp Soft has partnered with ICICI Bank to provides seamless and secured platform to manage and operate your Banking

Payment Dunes : Check your payables with due dates and Pay your vendors directly from ScaleUp Soft

Payment Link : Enable your customer to make payment through PayTM or Credit Card or any other mean directly into your account

Bank Reconcilliation : Download Statement and automate transactions, no need to create vouchers mannually
Auto Bank Reconciliation

ScaleUp Soft now provides Reconciliation of Banks automatically as well as manually, transaction reconciliation facility for all receipts and payment entries in the bank statement and our bank book. The reconciliation process can be done through two methods, viz. Manual and Automatic. Download Statement from Bank directly through Integration or Excel file. System provides list of un-reconciled entries, for further decision making and matching. Auto voucher entry creation from Bank Statement by One Click from Bank Reconciliation Form.
Track your Outstanding

One of the best things you can do to encourage your clients to pay on time is to communicate with them regularly via an organised set of payment reminders. Keep watch on your outstanding, send reminders mails and sms, optimise your investments. you can select different format from template and send mails by selecting SMS / Email option.
Watch Live your Customer/Vendor Footprints on Google Map

Now you can check your business presence worldwide based on the location of all your Customers and Suppliers will appear on Google Map.
User Tracking

While using smart phone, User/Employee live location can be tracked & their past movement can be monitored as well through Mobile App. It uses GPS information ensuring the right User/Employee is at the right place to work.
Attendence on Mobile

ScaleUp Soft Mobile App now allow the User/Employee to use their own Smart phone for Attendance. Attendance data will be real time sync to our database. It has many flexible reports which can be easily export to Excel.
Expense Claim, Time sheet and Leave Application on Mobile

Expense Claim: Submit and approve claims on the go with our Mobile app. Capture receipts before you lose them and avoid that monotonous, end of the month tasks.

Leave Application: User/Employees will be able to request leave on the mobile app.

Time Sheet: Timesheet is used to track the time spent on projects or tasks. Users can enter the start and end time of tasks. It can be a detailed breakdown of time spent on different tasks. This information is used for project costing, client billing, payroll, time tracking, and job estimation.
Touch POS

Billing were never so easy. Touch Based (Will work on mouse click also) new POS UI provided . Just click on the items selected by your customer, click on Pay, enter tender given by customer and Print the Invoice … amazing ..just 3 click and bill is generated

This interface is best suitable where no of items and less (approx. 100). Group based selection facility is also provided, if your inventory configuration “Item Selection “ is opted as “Group Based” the list of groups will appear on the screen and when you click on group image, pop-up will appear with image of all items under this group and you can select items, click ok, then select next group ..Items so on and your bill is ready with multiple group-items. You can upload item image while creating Items.
Jobber Inventory Management

ScaleUp Soft now provides module to manage inventory with Jobber/Service provider. New Modules i.e. Material Issue for Job work and Material received after Job work is provided. Whenever you issue material to your jobber for some processing / work use issue to jobber module provided under inventory group. When you receive back material after processing, use “Received after Job work” Module. You will be able to generate jobber wise stock Ledger and Stock trial based on these transactions.
New MIS – Day wise/Month wise Ledger Trial & Stock Trial

Day wise Ledger Trial :The report provides you day wise trial of every ledger means for a ledger date wise Opening Balance , Amount Debited for the day and amount credited for the day and final closing balance for the day. This is just summary of Ledger and very useful from accounts review point of view and for audit purpose
Month wise Ledger Trial : The report provides you Month wise trial of every ledger means for a ledger, month wise Opening Balance , Amount Debited for the month and amount credited for the month and final closing balance for the month. This is just summary of Ledger and very useful from accounts review point of view and for audit purpose
Day wise Stock Trial : The report provides you day wise trial of every Item means for a Item date wise Opening Balance , Quantity received for the day and quantity issued for the day and final closing balance for the day. This is just summary of stock ledger and very useful from accounts review point of view and for audit purpose
Month wise Ledger Trial : The report provides you Month wise trial of every Item means for a Item, month wise Opening Balance , Quantity received in the month and quantity issued in the month and final closing balance for the month. This is just summary of Item Ledger and very useful from accounts review point of view and for audit purpose
OTP Based Login
Your very own business companion (ScaleUp Soft) is now even more secure than before, OTP based login can be enabled for users if required. Please follow the steps below to enable OTP based login:
  • Click on the configuration menu at the top right of your screen.
  • Select “Manage User” from the configuration menu.
  • Now click on the pencil icon against the user for whom you wish to enable OTP based login.
  • On the user configuration screen, you will find an option “OTP Required to Login”, select “ON” on the toggle button.
  • Click on next, select the type of user (Administrator, Reports Only, Custom).
  • Click on next again and then finally click on save.
Parent Company Based Item Master
Your very own business companion (ScaleUp Soft) is now even more secure than before, OTP based login can be enabled for users if required. Please follow the steps below to enable OTP based login:
  • Click on the configuration menu at the top right of your screen.
  • Select “Company Setup” from the configuration menu.
  • Against the “Parent_Company” tab, select the parent company name.

If used on a regular basis, this feature can reduce the system implementation time by huge margins and thus add to your productivity.
Slab Based Discount

You can now apply discounts on the basis of slabs in ScaleUp Soft, to use slab based discount structure, click on the configuration icon on the top right of the screen. Now select company setup. To enable slab based discounts in sales, select sales setup, under billing setup you’ll be able to see “Slab Based On”.

Now choose Quantity based or amount based against the respective MISC components. Save the form.

Under sales price list, now against each item, you’ll be able edit “Upto” and “Value” fields. The process works similarly in case of purchase price lists.
GSP Integration

ScaleUp Soft making every efforts to make your statutory compliance easiest. As part of this , we have provided direct GSP Integration with Master India , one of the leading GSP and we have negotiated special price with them for ScaleUp Soft users , you can register with GSP through ScaleUp Soft, submit the data – GSTR-1 and GST-2 to GSP portal just at a mouse click and Login into GSP portal through ScaleUp Soft.
Item Multi Select

We have been receiving this request from multiple clients, and hence this was on top priority, on any document, you just need to use the dotted button besides the “pull from” button and a pop up will open showing items with their code, name, balance, last sales rate, and group. You can do a “select all” from this screen and also individual selection.
Half Page Prints

ScaleUp Soft now has the capability to print various documents in half page format. This is very useful in cases where you want to make optimum use of your stationary. Just select the appropriate format before printing for example to print Journal Voucher in half page format, select format “Journal Voucher Half Page”.
Cess On Tax

GST cess is a compensation cess levied under section 8 of The Goods and Services Tax (Compensation to State) Act, 2017. GST cess is levied on intra-state supply of goods or services and inter-state supply of goods or services to provide compensation to the States for loss of revenue due to implementation of GST in India. In ScaleUp Soft, cess can be mapped against the HSN and SAC headers in the miscellaneous masters.

Just click on the configuration icon on the top right of the screen, then select misc masters, search for GST Classification in the search box, all these search results are HSN or SAC masters, click on edit on one of these. You will find cess rate column in the grid, just feed in the respective cess rate in this column against the respective tax codes.
Item UDF in Document

ScaleUp Soft now has the ability to save UDF information at each line item in the documents. Just make sure you have created the required custom fields from Configuration -> Company Setup -> Sales/Purchase/Inventory/Finance Setup. Now in Item master enable “Ask in Document” toggle button.

After this configuration, you will be able to enter values in UDF fields in the grid for each line item.
Bank Reconciliation

A bank reconciliation is the process of matching the balances in an entity's accounting records for a cash account to the corresponding information on a bank statement. The goal of this process is to ascertain the differences between the two, and to book changes to the accounting records as appropriate. The information on the bank statement is the bank's record of all transactions impacting the entity's bank account during the past month.

ScaleUp Soft now has the ability manage bank reconciliation process for ledgers. Just go to Finance -> Bank Reconciliation and fill in the required details.
Cheque Printing

ScaleUp Soft now has the ability to print cheques from the application itself. Just go the payments voucher and select cheuqe as the print format to print a valid cheque.

GSGTR 3B is a return form that GST registrants have to file on a monthly basis till December. GSTR 3B does not have invoice level details it only has the total values.

ScaleUp Soft now auto generates GSTR 3B for you from your invoices. GSTR 3B for your company can be accessed through Reports -> All Reports -> GST –> GSTR 3B -> Select Month, Year and GST No., click on print or view accordingly.